How Motion Graphics Improves Web and Mobile User Experience

Animation or motion graphics has become a new trend of web and mobile user experience over the past few years. It adds more life and dynamics to designs and lets users interact with your software product in a more intuitive way. What is motion graphics? How can it level up your user experience? And how to make it really powerful? Our animation team is happy to tell you more about it in this article and share some actionable practices proven by our experience.

What is Motion Design?

Many people don’t clearly understand what is motion graphics. Let’s shed light on this! The name of this concept can give you a slight hint at what “motion graphics” means itself. It is made of three basic elements: motion, graphics, and design. In other words, it is a combination of graphics that are moving in space and time.

It was born as a technique intended only for movies and cartoons. But in the modern digital world led by innovations, entrepreneurs, software developers, and designers combine their efforts to experiment with user experiences by adding the motion into the design. Today, we can see a wide variety of motion graphics uses in mobile apps, animated text on blogs, websites, product demo videos, animated explainer videos, and more.

How Can Motion Design Enhance User Experience?


1. It helps set an emotional connection between a brand and its customers

By adding animation to your mobile app or website design, you contribute to creating a more “emotional” user experience. Digital marketers, as well as product designers, do their best to evoke customer emotions and help a brand establish relationships with a target audience at a more personal level. It allows companies not only to sell their products but to set more “human” communication with their customers and show that they really care about what people feel when using their products. 

2. It helps a brand stand-out with a distinguishable aesthetics

By investing in creating a beautiful animation for your mobile application website, you also invest in building your business’s unique digital presence. There are plenty of apps with similar functionality in the app store, as well as there are a lot of websites offering alternative services. How to stand out of competitors in the crowded digital space? Motion graphics is probably one of the most creative ways to do it.

Animated mascots, logos, on-boarding videos, or greeting screens with animated characters and text can help your brand become easily recognizable, conquer the hearts of users, and win customer loyalty.

3. It makes the user experience more intuitive and convenient

When it comes to user on-boarding, it is better once to see how to do something than many times to read about it. Animated user on-boarding has become a new trend in UX design. It allows people to see how they can perform specific actions in a mobile app, web app, or website. Moreover, you can also add some animated visual tips to your UX design to make your product even more intuitive for users.

4. It adds unobtrusive dynamics & makes UI more pleasant-looking

Motion graphics in a user experience design feels like a breeze near the sea. It adds more fresh air to even complex user interfaces and helps users more easily navigate. It makes a product dynamic-looking and attractive to users. As known,

we often prefer products that are more visually pleasing, so motion graphics can add an aesthetic appeal to your product and make it even more competitive.

4. It can add fun to your product and make your users happy

All in all, masterfully designed motion graphics combined with a good sense of humor can raise the mood of your users and make them smile. Why invest in the user’s smile? Because it reveals loyalty to your brand. Motion graphics helps eliminate negative user experience and build customer loyalty.


At Savvy Animations, we are always inspired to share our ideas and creative hacks with you to empower your business for new successful experiments that can boost your brand awareness and multiply conversions. We at motion graphics firm hope that this short guide will help you come up with brilliant ideas for your company. Are you looking for a digital design motion graphics services and motion graphics team to implement something really creative for your business? Don’t hesitate to drop us a note!