Animated Video Production Process

You might wonder how we gonna make your video? Here is the step by step explanation!

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3D Animation

Video Series

Motion Graphics


Understanding your Needs & Getting to know you

This is the first step of every relationship. We get to know you over a coffee, via Zoom or Google Meet to understand what you’re looking for, and your expectations. Is this your first time producing a video and you’re clueless about the whole thing? Talk to us and we will help you identify the best way to present your business, organization or product and guide you throughout the full video production process.


Script Writing

The key to a successful video is the messaging. That’s why the script is the foundation of every video. Our copywriter will work hand-in-hand with you to understand the key messages that you wish to include in the script, and to figure out the most engaging and compelling way to tell your story.


Character Design & Style Sheet

Our creative team identifies the best style for your video. If you opt for an animated video, we will design two different style options for you to choose from, taking into consideration your preferences and branding materials. And if you prefer a live action video, we will scout for talents and locations for the video shoot. Either way, you get the final say.


Sketches & Digital Storyboard

We will create sketches based on the approved script to show you our visual idea for each scene of the animation. Once the sketches are approved, we will digitize the storyboard using actual illustrations of the animation, according to the approved style earlier. Do let us know if you have any specific visual ideas for the storyboard and we will help you present your ideas in the most interesting & professional way.


Voice Over Recording

We will record voice-over prior to the animating stage. We mainly work with native voice-over artists based in the US and the UK. We also work with voice-over artists in other languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, and basically any language under the sun. And we only work with the best in the industry to achieve the best result for your video.


Animation Stage

This is the most important and time-consuming stage. Here, we will bring the script, characters and storyboard to life. We will animate each and every single object, character and element in the approved storyboard, while timing the animation based on the voice-over recording. Quality control is important to us. We spend extra time to carefully perfect the details and transitions in the animation to ensure that the preview version is up to the standard you expected.


Music & Sound Effects

The animation  will not be complete without complementing background music track. We will source for a selection of suitable tracks for you to choose from. And if you opt for sound design, we will add the sound effects throughout the animation as the final finishing touches.


Final Touch Ups & Submission

Once you’ve seen the preview version, feel free to share your feedback. We will apply the revisions as requested. As soon as you’ve approved the animation, we will purchase the background music track of your choice and prepare the final video before delivering it to you.

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