The Top 10 Explainer Video Companies in California

Choose an explainer video company in California and work with today’s most creative teams

Great explainer videos aren’t made by not-so-great companies.

They’re made by companies with expert storytelling plus video production experience, who work with clients bringing in deep product knowledge and solid understanding of their customers.

When these two forces combine the best explainer videos are born.

And some of the best explainers ever were made on America’s west coast, mostly here in California.

So if you need your video to do great things – like boost search engine rankings, increase website sales, among others – look no further than The Golden State.

Based on six criteria (expertise, communication, services, price, client feedback & customer experience), below is our list of some of the best explainer video production companies in California:

  • Savvy Animations
  • Thinkmojo
  • Sandwich Video
  • Whiteboard Animation Studio
  • Studio B
  • New Revolution Media
  • Lemonlight Media
  • Sparkhouse
  • Video Jeeves
  • RocketWheel

Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos for American Businesses

Animated explainer videos offer numerous advantages for Canadian businesses. They effectively capture the viewer’s attention and simplify complex information, making it easily digestible.

By increasing audience engagement, these videos significantly boost your brand’s awareness and recognition. Plus, they are versatile tools that can be used on various platforms – from your website to social media accounts, in email marketing strategies, or even sales pitches and presentations.

All this makes animated explainer videos a beneficial tool for any business looking to enhance its digital marketing efforts.

Captures attention effectively

Animated videos are great at catching the eye. Their fun and colorful nature makes them hard to ignore. They are not just pretty, they also hold a viewer’s interest long enough for your message to sink in.

This is key because our brains like visuals over reading text. In fact, using video on a website can boost how many people take action there! So, with a good video, you have more people looking and acting on what you offer.

You get your point across clearly and keep it in viewers’ minds for longer too!

Simplifies complex information

Explainer videos make hard things easy. They use pictures and motion to show how a thing works. This helps people learn about new products or services fast. If information is like a big, twisted knot, explainer videos untie it.

These quick and colorful clips help viewers get what you do in one shot. For example, let’s say you sell hot air balloons. An explainer video might cover how they fly high in the sky with simple words and clear visuals.

People would understand right away! So, if your business deals with hard stuff, think about using explainer videos to make it easy for your customers.

Increases audience engagement

Animated videos get viewers involved. They make people want to watch and listen. This helps a business reach more people. The more people you connect with, the better chance you have at getting sales.

Also, with video marketing now popular online, it’s easier than ever to reach your target audience. Imagine thousands of people sharing your video on social media! That will help promote growth in your company too.

With the prevalence of mobile technology, new methods are needed for reaching customers wherever they are and boosting conversions.

Boosts brand awareness and recognition

Animated explainer videos make your brand shine. They put your brand in front of many eyes. People see your logo, colors, and ideas in the video. This makes them know and remember you more.

A study by HubSpot found that 74% of people like to learn about goods or services from videos. So, using animated explainer video production puts you ahead! Even without becoming viral, an animated explainer video helps increase eyes on your product especially when you use top-rated companies for this work.

Top 10 Explainer Video Companies in Canada

Explore our curated list of the top 10 explainer video companies in Canada, including Savvy Animations, Creamy Animation, Epipheo, and Sandwich Video among others, each known for their exceptional quality and creativity.

To help you make an informed decision on the right firm for your business needs, delve deeper into this comprehensive guide!

1. Savvy Animations

In the world of video production, there are few that do it like Savvy Animations does. With its vast international acclaim, this talented firm has had many collaborations with companies in the California. Their expansive portfolio isn’t just limited to live-action; it spans from intricate motion graphics and stylised 2D visuals to both grounded and imaginative 3D animations.

Their collaboration roster, featuring notable British brands, speaks volumes about the quality and adaptability in videos targeted at local audiences despite their international status. And this good work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Accolades from renowned platforms like the Motion Design Awards and Indigo Design Awards further cement their reputation.

Why Choose Savvy Animations?

That is actually what Savvy Animations do. Generally, try to meet up to its customers’ needs and desires, and that is simply to begin.

1. Savvy Animations creates 100% exclusive animation videos.
2. Its animation video class is premium and its hand down truthfully unpaid in the market.
3. Guarantee to keep its clients very much refined during the whole creation process, ongoing an acquainted two-way communication.
4. Over animation videos, Savvy Animations can explain the product and promise more real process with long-lasting consequences.

Savvy Animations is happy to support you, in the event that you are seeing performing animation videos for your viewers, don’t spare an instant to drop us a link!

2. Thinkmojo

Calling themselves a “viewer experience agency,” Thinkmojo focuses on the viewer’s experience, as they make top-notch animation mostly for the technology industry.

Their team is highly creative and designers produce artwork that stuns even the best animators.

1. Thinkmojo makes explainer videos, live action video and even virtual reality (VR) content.
2. San Francisco, California
3. Notable clients include Google, WordPress, InVision
4. Making explainer videos since: 2011

3. Sandwich Video

With a unique pricing structure that makes it easier for startups to afford their services in accepting equity as a form a payment for making explainer videos, the Sandwich video team is small yet highly creative.

1. Started out making just explainer videos, but since pivoted to more live-action TV commercials
2. Los Angeles, California
3. Notable clients include Airbnb, Uber, Slack
4. Making explainer videos since 2009

4. Whiteboard Animation Studio

Whiteboard animation is one of the best ways to teach audiences something since they’re great at holding viewer attention. Whiteboard Animation Studio does a great job of making solid whiteboard videos that do this and more – all without breaking the bank.

The team specializes in “whiteboard-style” explainer videos, but they can also help with motion graphics and live action videoBrooklyn, New York

Notable clients include Microsoft, Cheerios, PetSmart

Making explainer videos since 2009

5. Studio B

Studio B has over 20 years of video production experience, making them one of the oldest explainer video production companies in California. They work with all-sized businesses and can help you promote an existing product, train your existing employee base and more.

They include live-action videos in their service options, and even have a video production rental service if you need some equipment for your next video shoot.

1. Services include animation, live-action video and even a rental service if you need to borrow equipment
2. Berkeley, California
3. Notable clients include Facebook, Adobe, Grammarly
4. Making explainer videos since: 1993

6. New Revolution Media

New Revolution Media understands how a video is done right, and can take a business from zero to 100 faster than anything else. They also have an in-house video recording studio, which rents out if you have live-action content you’re looking to make.

The team makes explainer videos and offer video marketing services to help you promote on platforms like YouTube, Kickstarter, eCommerce and more.

1. They make explainer videos & offer video marketing services to help you promote on YouTube, Kickstarter, eCommerce and others
2. New York, New York
3. Notable clients include Apple, Amazon, Samsung
4. Making explainer videos since 2016

7. Lemonlight Media

One of the newest and best explainer video production companies in California is Los Angeles-based Lemonlight Media. They create unique content, and have a unique production process where customers choose what services they want, like stock footage, concepting, etc..

1. They make videos for all sized companies, and specialize in both animated explainer videos as well as live-action video content
2. Inglewood, California
3. Notable clients include WayFair, Genesis Home, Discovery Digital
4. Making explainer videos since 2014

8. Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse is 50% an explainer video production company, and 50% video marketing company, helping clients with things like paid ad campaigns. They take a customer-centric approach to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for with your explainer video.

The team can make not just animated explainer videos, but live-action video content as well that will look great on your customers’ Instagram feed.

1. The team makes animated explainer videos and live-action video content
2. Irvine, California
3. Notable clients include Zivelo, Honda, CapitalOne
4. Making explainer videos since 2009

9. Video Jeeves

Leveraging a network of remote freelancers across 4 countries, Video Jeeves specializes in making fun and creative videos. Their videos are built to get you results and you’ll work with expert script writers if you choose them for your explainer video.

1. The team can produce all forms of marketing videos, including 3D explainers.
2. Fremont, California
3. Notable clients include Ace Hardware,, Johnson & Johnson
4. Making explainer videos since 2009

10. RocketWheel

RocketWheel has a solid portfolio and a unique approach to storytelling.

1. They can take on animated explainer videos, 3D animation as well as a hybrid 2D/3D animation projects
2. San Francisco, California
3. Notable clients include Amazon, Autodesk, Xora, Veeva
4. Making explainer videos since 2007

Where Animated Explainer Videos Can Be Used in Your Business

Choosing where to place your explainer video depends on several factors. If you want to drive web traffic, social media platforms can be an excellent choice. If you’re looking to increase conversions, placing your video on the homepage or landing page can be an effective option.

Website homepage

Videos on your website homepage make a big difference. They grab the attention of those who visit. People can learn about what you offer in a fun and easy way. With Blue Carrot’s help, we can create great videos that explain well.

These videos will boost your marketing efforts too!

Social media platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are key places for showing your explainer videos. These sites have many users every day. So, sharing your video here can let you reach a lot of people in no time.

Websites like LinkedIn and Twitter are also great choices for this.

Your business can use these online spaces to let viewers know about what you do or sell. Videos make it easy for them to understand even complex ideas. Plus, they can share the video with others if they find it useful or fun to watch! This way, more people will learn about your brand and might want to buy things from you too.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great place for animated videos. Short, fun clips can grab your audience’s interest right away. They help tell your story in an easy way. These videos make emails more than just text and can lift click rates.

Higher clicks mean more people may buy from you or use your service. Animated videos will also strengthen your brand and trust with the audience. Most people remember what they see better than what they read, which helps build credibility for your business too!

Sales pitches and presentations

You can use explainer videos in your sales pitches and presentations. They grab the viewer’s interest with fun visuals. This helps tell your company’s story in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

Explainer videos also make you look very professional to clients. You can use them as an “elevator pitch” for your products or services. They help potential customers understand what you offer quickly and clearly.

The right video can turn a boring presentation into something exciting! That means more people will want to do business with you.


There are excellent animation studios across California, which should help you choose the one that fits best your style and budget. If the ones listed here are a bit too big for your budget, consider going for a smaller studio like Savvy Animations. Animated explainer videos are an excellent addition to your company’s marketing plan and are extremely versatile. They can be used to spice up your website as well as create interest in your social media pages.

How Savvy Animations differs from others?

Savvy Animations a top-quality professional corporate video production company in India & Maryland, Baltimore, USA, Dubai, UAE, Canada, London & UK, provides Corporate & Brand films, Promotional, Marketing videos & Training videos, Product demo videos, Employee videos, Product video explainers, eLearning videos, 2d Animation, 3d Animation, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard Explainer videos, Client Testimonial Videos, Video Presentation and more for all start-ups, industries and corporate companies. From scripting to corporate, explainer & 3d, 2d animation video production, our solution are customized to your budget, timeline, and to meet the company goals and objectives.

So, if you want to create high-quality creative animation video that helps you reach out to the world; we are here to serve you. Please email your requirements to

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