Top 10 2D Animation Companies in 2024

In the digital storytelling universe, 2D animation reigns supreme. It injects a special flair into every story it touches. Here in 2024, it’s clear that 2D animation isn’t just keeping up, it is setting the pace. Thanks to some seriously innovative teams who are constantly pushing the envelope. We’re putting the limelight on the top 10 2D animation squads who are absolutely nailing it with their fresh ideas, captivating narratives and technical expertise.

They’re doing way more than just making animations. They’re crafting those beautiful scenes that linger in the audience’s minds and leaving a lasting impression long after the screen fades to black.

Here Are The Top 10 2D Animation Companies In 2024

Creative Prowess: We really got into the nitty-gritty of what makes each company tick creatively. It was all about spotting those who can think outside the box and turn awesome ideas into stunning 2D animations. We looked for teams that aren’t just good but knock-your-socks-off good in bringing imagination to the screen.

Portfolio Diversity: Variety’s the spice of life, right? So, we checked out how these companies mix it up. We wanted to see a cocktail of different styles and genres in their work. It’s about showing they can handle pretty much any storytelling challenge thrown their way in 2D animation.

Client Testimonials: We listened to what clients had to say, because who better to tell you how these companies perform? It was all about understanding if these teams really hit the mark in making their clients’ visions come to life.

Industry Recognition: We also had an eye on the trophy cabinet, so to speak. Awards and shout-outs in the animation world? Big deal. They show that these folks aren’t just popular in the boardroom, but they’re also the talk of the town in the industry.

Here Are The Top 10 2D Animation Companies In 2024

1. IV

IV Studio, located in Nashville, TN, is where the magic of creative innovation meets the precision of data-driven results. Established in 2012, they specialize in crafting captivating marketing assets tailored for businesses of the highest caliber on a global scale. What truly distinguishes IV Studio is their holistic approach.

They’re not just creatives, they’re savvy marketers. A testament to this is their board game venture, which achieved an impressive $5 million in revenue within just three years, all without external funding. This hands-on experience has revolutionized their approach to video production, delivering exceptional value to their clients.

IV Studio is guided by principles of growth and a profound respect for creators. They are your ultimate destination for top-tier 2D animation production services.

2. Savvy Animations

Savvy Animations has been a respected player in the 2D animation production industry for a solid decade now. The portfolio is quite diverse, encompassing everything from engaging live-action to cutting-edge animation techniques. Whether it’s their elegant 2D artistry, eye-catching motion designs, or intricate frame-by-frame animations, Savvy Animations consistently delivers top-quality work.

Their dedication and skill have earned them recognition from prestigious awards. Notably, they’ve had the privilege of collaborating with industry giants such as Mastercard, Uniliver, IKEA, VISA and many more. If you’re considering a 2d animation project, you can connect with the team here:

3. Benny Box

Benny Box is a Danish design studio, notably led by Creative Director Esben Fisker and Art Director Rune Fisker. The studio, part of Dwarf since 2022, specializes in creating vibrant and emotional 2D animations, title sequences, digital designs, and illustrations.

Their team is known for crafting imaginative worlds and characters. Based in Frederikberg, Denmark, Benny Box has been operational since 2006 and is recognized for its creative flair in the world of animation.

They bring their client’s stories to life through 2D animations that are skillfully guiding messaging, strategies and platform selection. If you want to ensure your narrative (as a client) resonates deeply with audiences, they are your best pick.

4. Nice Wach

Nice Wach, an animation and illustration studio, is making waves with their captivating 2D hand-drawn animations. What sets them apart is their refreshing approach, combining style and substance, making work enjoyable, and embracing instinctive storytelling.

With an impressive clientele that includes Johnson & Johnson, Ogilvy, Samsung, Corona, Shell, and Unilever, Nice Wach is your gateway to experiencing unique and stylish animations that offer a breath of fresh air in today’s content-saturated landscape.

5. Animade

Animade is a collective of creative individuals united by a shared mission: to infuse the world with character. They specialize in creating captivating 2D animations, with a particular focus on the artistry of hand-drawn animation, meticulously crafted frame by frame.

Animade’s animations are designed to evoke emotions and bring characters to life, making viewers feel something special when they engage with their work.

More than a decade ago, Animade started as a trio with big dreams and an abundance of passion. Over the years, they have evolved into a globally respected studio, offering a comprehensive suite of design and production services. Their portfolio includes everything from digital out-of-home advertising for major brands to dynamic and fully-realized social media campaigns.

6. BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studios stands out in the design-driven animation world. They specialize in award-winning content that engages audiences both online and offline. Their strength lies in crafting compelling stories and unique designs to elevate brands.

They are known for their approachable and collaborative spirit. BluBlu collaborates with top ad agencies, publishers, production houses, and global brands. Their clients include big names like The Oscars Academy, The New York Times, Universal Music Group, Riot Games, Durex, and Singapore Airlines. This roster reflects BluBlu’s creativity, warmth, and trustworthiness in the industry.

7. Vascolo

Váscolo is a 2D animation company where creativity and expertise in cel animation shine. Led by Martín Schurmann, the Executive Creative Director, the team includes talents like Ernesto Reyna and Sr. Motion Designer Javier Pelayo.

Their awesome animation work has drawn clients such as Disney, ESPN, MTV, and Sony. Their notable feature in Motionographer magazine speaks volumes about their impact in the animation industry.

8. Dialogue

This Lisbon-based animation company stands out for its bold approach and willingness to tackle challenges head-on. Dialogue pride themselves on not being confined to standard solutions, always seeking to explore and innovate. With a confident, risk-taking attitude, they deliver unique and impactful work in a world brimming with information.

Their expertise spans a range of services from direction and art direction to storyboarding, style frames design, 3D and of course 2D animation. This company is all about pushing boundaries and creating standout animations.

Dialogue stands out with their exceptional hand-drawn animations. Their work in this art form is not just skilled but also deeply expressive.

9. Creative Mammals

Creative Mammals, based in Atlanta, specializes in motion graphics and animation, crafting evolutionary content for marketing agencies and entertainment brands. Their portfolio boasts collaborations with giant clients like Apple TV, Disney, Disney Junior, HBO Max, Netflix, BBDO, and Warner Bros.

Their creative work has gained recognition, being featured on, a leading magazine in the motion graphics industry. This studio blends creativity with technical expertise, making them a go-to source for high-end and dynamic visual content.

10. Kong Studio

Kong Studio, established by Bill Elliott and Tom Baker, is a vibrant team of directors, animators, illustrators, and scriptwriters. They are known for their artistic prowess and storytelling skills. With over 40 years of combined experience in the animation industry, Kong is celebrated for their drawing abilities and innovative approach.

They work across various styles and mediums, delivering beautifully crafted animation and illustration. Their portfolio spans entertainment, branded content, online videos, explainers, motion pictures, and print, showcasing their diverse talent and ability to adapt to different creative needs.


This article takes a deep dive into the vibrant world of 2D animation in 2024, showcasing the top 10 animation teams known for their groundbreaking work. Highlighting their innovative spirit, storytelling prowess, and technological mastery, these teams are creating memorable and captivating scenes.

We hope this insight helps you find the perfect 2D animation team for your commercial or non-commercial projects. Until next time!

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