Top 8 media/video production companies in Saudi Arabia (2024)

The motive of this article is to highlight and recognize top media production companies in Saudi Arabia. The list is based on our judgment and there could be more companies that are doing good work.  

Media production is growing in Saudi Arabia. With all these new video production companies it is very hard to choose the right one for your business. 

So, in order to help Organizations in the country, we at Savvy Animations, have created a list of the Top 5 Explainer Video Production Companies in Saudi Arabia.

The idea is to recognise good work done by them and at the same time to make Explainer Video Production Companies hiring in Saudi Arabia easily and efficiently.

The best animation companies in Saudi Arabia

We’ve ranked these studios based on the following factors: quality, credibility, and creativity.

1. Savvy Animations

Over a decade, Savvy Animations has solidified its position as a global leader in the explainer video industry.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve partnered with Fortune 50 companies and collaborated with top global agencies. Our mission is to help clients achieve their goals through the compelling medium of video content.

Counting software giants like Microsoft, Slack, and Uber among our clientele, we also nurture relationships with up-and-coming businesses poised for success.

Our portfolio showcases our expertise, and our recent work exemplifies our commitment to excellence.

Clutch even featured us in their list of top video production agencies in Saudi Arabia. If you want to check out some of our client testimonials, click here.

Here’s a video we made for Sharefront!

Like the video? You could get one for your business, too.

If you have some ideas, get in touch. We’d love to help!

2. PR Media

PR Media is a media production agency based in Saudi Arabia.

They provide a huge range of video production services such as Corporate Videos, Documentaries, TV commercials, Exhibition films, Training videos Web videos and Event videos. They have a lot of experience and have worked with big companies.

3. AFLAM Productions

AFLAM Productions is a video production company in Saudi Arabia.

Their video production services include Film Production, Post-production, and Audio production. AFLAM Productions also makes Motion Graphics and Visual Effects videos.

4. Play Media Productions

Play Media Productions is a video production and marketing agency in Saudi Arabia.

They provide complete video production services from pre-production, filming, motion graphics, and editing. PlayMedia production is a complete solution for all your video needs.

5. Miraj Media

Miraj Media is a corporate video production company in Saudi Arabia.

Their main highlights are corporate videos. They provide full service from storyboarding, script-writing, shooting, production and post-production (including editing, sound designing, and colour correction). They upload your videos to your required channel as well.

6. The Idea Factory Films

The Idea Factory Films is a video production house in Saudi Arabia. They make both commercial and corporate videos. They also provide scripts for videos and do 2D and 3D animation.

7. Silver Grey Picture & Sound

Silver Grey is a film production house in Saudi Arabia. Silver Grey is the first of its kind film production house launched in 2004. They make Narrative-Fiction Films, Documentaries, and Commercial films

8. Dunia Production

Dunia Productions is a high-tech video production company in Saudi Arabia. They have expertise in 3D graphics and 3D filming but make every type of video.

They have a team of highly skilled professionals who take care of everything to make your video look amazing and innovative.

That’s a wrap

This wraps up our pick of the best animation companies in Saudi Arabia.

There are a few factors that are common in each of these establishments: they are brought to life by talented; creative individuals who strive to bring their vivid imaginations and ideas to life.

If your favorite wasn’t mentioned, connect with us on LinkedIn and tell us about your top picks.


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