Top Explainer Video Production Companies in Australia

Looking to find the perfect explainer video agency for your business Down Under?

Look no further! We’ve handpicked one of Australia’s top-notch agencies, ready to create captivating videos tailored to your needs, no matter your industry or budget.

Why Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos simplify complex ideas or solutions, making them easily understandable.

(Think explaining thermodynamics to a six-year-old!)

Simply having a SaaS product or solution isn’t sufficient. You need to effectively market it to your target audience.

And that’s where explainer videos come in. Your audience loves engaging with videos 😍

Having a dedicated entity to explain your solution is invaluable.

Moreover, explainer videos help you differentiate yourself from competitors.

How we picked these companies


When scouting for the very best explainer video companies, specific technical and creative traits stood out. We zeroed in on companies celebrated for their unmatched storytelling capabilities, experience and their knack for breaking down complex themes. These are all markers of a company’s ability to make a killer explainer video for any topic.


There’s no point relying on buzzword-filled pitches to get an idea of what a company can do. While it’s a company’s job to sell itself, it’s your (and in this case, our) job to make sure they’re up to snuff. To do this, we delved deep into the portfolios of numerous British entities, hunting for those that showcase a diverse and standout range of productions.


While companies naturally showcase their best side, it’s the words of their clients that really give you the full picture. To do our due diligence, we dug through client reviews, pinpointing firms that consistently earned praise for their creativity, commitment to professionalism, and tangible results. This helped pull back the curtain on how each of these companies really performed and shed light on their relationship with the client throughout the process.

Top 7 Explainer Video Production Companies in Australia – 2024 Edition

1. Savvy Animations

Savvy Animations is specialized in SaaS product videos for modern businesses.

All they talk about is SaaS products and solutions. Some find it very annoying (including me).

The company is global and spread throughout the world. This allows them to deliver excellent quality (because talent can be anywhere).

Being a remote team, Savvy Animations utilizes the elements of creativity and technology to deliver projects timely, wherever you are.

However, with great quality and customization comes the issue of scalability.

With limited resources and unlimited passion, Savvy Animations works with only a few clients every month. Nonetheless, they are quick to respond and are very humble.

Do you know: Savvy Animations is the only Explainer Video Agency with a complete 5-star rating. So, 100% Satisfaction is expected.

Major Clients:

  • Uber
  • Mastercard
  • J&J
  • HP

Price starts from $1000

Team Size: 30+

2. Explanimate

Specializing in corporate and government industries, Explanimate is one of the leading animation companies in Australia.

Explanimate is one of those companies that doesn’t make you feel like “just a client.”

Their team is small but cooperative and diligent.

Being a video production company for over 15 years is a skill in itself.

3. Lumeo

Transparent pricing, quick turnaround, and years of experience.

They provide three fixed-priced packages. (Yes, they are product-based, not service-based 🤠)

The basic package starts at $3500 for a 60-seconds infographic-styled video.

Their best package starts at $10,000 for the same length. These prices are exclusive of taxes.

However, Lumeo only provides one revision throughout the production cycle.

So, If you want more control in the video production process, one revision is not enough for you.

4. Punchy Digital Media

Their website looked cool, but we could not find any testimonials, showreel, or even a single review on any trustworthy business directory.

Why did we include this in our list? To be honest, I am not sure. But their portfolio is relatively big and promising for startups to SMEs.

Though I’d not invest my one buck on someone I cannot trust.

5. Vidico

They are smart, creative, and experienced.

That’s the standard requirement for a great video production company.

Specializing in television commercials, Vidico also produces explainer and product videos.

Albeit our competitor, we respect Vidico because they are also trying to solve problems like we are. The problem of simplifying things.

6. Culture Shock

Culture Shock, a video marketing team based in Australia, focuses on driving change through storytelling. Their specialisation lies in the sectors of health, education, and multicultural marketing. With an emphasis on creating human stories that connect with audiences, their videos can really foster a relationship between a brand and its audience. And they work within various budget constraints, so it won’t be hard on the wallet either.

7. Lumapixel

Lumapixel, a Sydney-based creative production agency, offers an extensive array of technical and creative video production and photography services. With wide-ranging experience that encompasses various technologies, sectors, and formats, you can trust that they’ll be able to adapt to whatever you need.

While they primarily focus on live-action video creation, they’re also experts in crafting motion graphics and 2D animations. Their collaborations with renowned brands like Harper Collins and Hilton Hotel further highlight their talent as a video production agency in Australia.

In Summary

With just a quick gander at this list, the talent within our shores is undeniable. These homegrown companies have distinguished themselves through their technical expertise, diverse portfolios, and glowing customer feedback. Regardless of what vision you have in mind, you can trust them to bring your vision to life. So, if you’re Down Under and find yourself needing a killer video, it’s time to reach out to these Australian video companies!

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